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    • Shopping Annuity - Convert Spending Into earning

      Convert spending into earning with the shopping annuity

      The Shopping Annuity is a sophisticated tracking system that gives you credit for everything you purchase for your home. The typical home can transfer approximately 30% of their current spending to Shopping Annuity approved purchases. We are a #shoppingannuity household and get paid for most of what we buy.

      To get a free Shopping Annuity Assessment to see what your spending is worth, set up a Shopping Annuity Discover Call.

    • Isotonix Joint Support Formula

      Isotonix joint support formula

      As the body ages, many people experience joint discomfort. One option is to take a joint supplement to help promote overall bone and joint health.

      This is the supplement my family takes for joint support. It's the only product on the market to offer glucosamine, Pycnogenol and hyaluronic acid in isotonic form.

      Complete the Nutri-Physical for a custom wellness assessment, based on your goals and challenges.

    • PET HEALTH for happy and healthy dogs and cats

      pet health products for happy healthy dogs and cats

      We love them like family and we want them to stay healthy and happy as long as they can. The Pet Health Line supports that goal with nutritional support and grooming care. Healthy bodies and joints, healthy paws and skin. This line is popular and growing because of the results people are seeing in their pets' energy, vitality and mood.

    • AUTOWORKS professional detailing car care for the diy enthusiast


      Give your car the showroom treatment with Autoworks line! Get professional detailing results with do-it-yourself products and price. Plus, no harsh chemicals for your car or the environment. We will put Auto Works up against any other line for high quality results at a great price. Plus, try the fuel enhancer and engine performance enhancer.

    • - Digital Marketing Services for Medium and Small Business

      digital marketing solution for medium to small businesses

      We developed our integrated solution to be as flexible and user-friendly as it is powerful. Our proprietary solution empowers every small and mid-sized business with the tools necessary to tap into the earning potential of the digital marketplace. This is the platform I use and recommend to my clients.
      Complete this form to see a free demo website receive a free demo from one of their experts.

    • Debt Shredder - a solution to get out of debt and create wealth


      People are living longer than ever and many Americans are not prepared for their future. The Debt Shredder can help you find a way to enjoy your life now, while saving for later. I use this software and recommend it often.

      Watch videos to learn more and complete the "Calculate Savings" form for a free assessment of what this software can do for you

    • TLS Weight Loss Solution - Low Glycemic Customized Real Food Real Life Plan

      stop dieting. start living.

      Whether you want to tighten up your tummy, lose those last 10 pounds, or finally feel confident in your own skin, we can help you get there. TLS Weight Loss Solution can help you turn your goals into reality. I have lost over 30 lbs so far and lowered my cholesterol over 40 points while on this program*.

      Complete the assessment to get a customized plan for your goals. 

    • Isotonix Supplements - The Worlds Most Advanced Nutraceuticals - OPC - Multivitamin - Vitamin D - B Complex and More

      it's how your body was meant to take vitamins.

      With Isotonix products, little nutritive value is lost, making the absorption of nutrients highly efficient while delivering maximum results. This has been my chosen supplementation for over a decade. I use a customized cocktail to assist with maintaining my health and offsetting less than perfect lifestyle choices*.

      Complete the Nutri-Physical for a custom wellness assessment, based on your goals and challenges.

    • Cannabiquin - Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and Black Cumin Seed Supplement

      Cannabiquin is a full spectrum hemp oil (cbd) and thymoquin®

      One of the newest products available at - it's combination of 2 powerful ingredients that are responsibly sourced and minimally processed. I take this daily and notice many positive results. As CBD products go, it's one of the best. And with the Black Cumin Seed added, I'm impressed by the additional benefits*.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product(s) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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